Free Temp Mail domain providers list

We recommend using paid domains for temp mail as you become the domain owner and you can dispose of it as you need it (of course, without violating the rules of the domain)

But because mail is temporary, then free domains are also good for it.

We update this list from time to time, but if you have any suggestion, then email us and we will add it to the list.

The first thing is the best for temp mail is domains with less quantity of dots. This is TLD (top-level domain) domains. | (tk ml ga cf gq) ( (
내도메인.한국 ( 메인.한국 팸.한국 매니아.한국 포스팅.한국 커뮤니티.한국 팬카페.한국) ( (more than 80 domains) (more than 80 domains) (more than 10000 domains)


  • Domains that contain a good site are less likely to be blocked.
  • Domains containing offensive words are blocked very quickly.
  • The best domains are those with only one suffix (if for a simple one separating dot).
  • The shortest domains are often valued.

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